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中学三年の夏、レゴを使ったアニメを制作し、地元の映像コンテストに入選する。以来、映画監督を志し、18歳で渡米。California State University Northridge校の映画学科に入学。在学時代より映画、CM、MVの現場でスタッフとして働きながら作品を作り、「Sharknado」 などのB級映画で知られる The Asylum にて、ハリウッドの映像制作を学ぶ。2012年に帰国後、映画監督の岩井俊二主宰の制作会社Rockwell Eyes Inc. に所属し演出、編集を担当する。 その後フリーで活動を開始する。

Born and raised in Kochi, Japan. Nakamura made his first film at the age of 15, which is a short stop motion animation, and won the award at a local film festival. Immediately following his high school graduation, he left his hometown to pursue his dream of becoming a film director in the United States. Nakamura graduated from De Anza College and CSU Northridge with a Bachelor degree in Film.
Since he came back to Japan in 2012,  Nakamura started working as a freelance filmmaker and directed many documentaries, commercials, and short films including Discovery Channel, Who I Am, and Ordinary Life which was nominated as a finalist in Short Shorts International Film Festival.
In the meantime, taking advantage of his language skill, he also worked as an bilingual editor and collaborated with many international filmmakers such as Darren Lynn Bousman, the director of SAW series on Japanese Horror Drama “Crow’s Blood”.

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